Top 10 Worst Movies

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I have seen many movies, but few have earned the honor of making this list. These are the worst movies I have seen, and why I think them to be so.

  1. Open Water
    1. This is the largest cinematic turd. The filming is awful (like a very poorly filmed family vacation movie). The plot is lousy, and the ending is a huge disappointment.
  2. Crank
    1. This movie has no action scenes, which probably would have kept it from making this list. The plot was extremely weak, and the ending was not expected, and a disappointment.
  3. Dude, Where’s My Car?
    1. This should have been called, “Dude, Where’s the Plot?” I actually felt dumber after having watched this movie. My biggest regret is that I talked two of my close friends into watching this film (sorry Eric & Brent!).
  4. Feast of Love
    1. This is the worst comedy of all time (FYI: this movie is not classified as a comedy). It’s an OK movie, but has way too much nudity. After expecting a comedy, I was extremely disappointed by this movie.

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