Find absolute position of an element

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While working on a project, I discovered that I needed to find the absolute coordinates of an element in a page in order to dynamically position another element before showing it.

A quick Google search yielded this gem from JavaScript – Find position.

Here’s the condensed code:

 * Determines the absolute position of an element
 * @author Peter-Paul Koch
 * @see
 * @param object obj The element whose absolute position is to be found.
 * @return array An array with two elements: 0 is the left position, 1 is the top position.
function findPos(obj) {
	var curleft = curtop = 0;

	if (obj.offsetParent) {
		do {
			curleft += obj.offsetLeft;
			curtop  += obj.offsetTop;
		} while (obj = obj.offsetParent);

		return [curleft,curtop];

text/application type is deprecated

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This was news to me–RFC4329 explicity declares text/javascript to be obsolete. Instead, application/javascript is to be used. The problem? Not all browsers support it yet.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • Firefox 3.5.4 – supported

Internet Explorer

  • IE 8 – NOT supported


  • Safari 4.0.3 – supported


  • Chrome 3.0 – supported