Texting while driving > drunk driving

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Seth Godin: “The data shows, for example, that texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk. It doesn’t feel that way, of course, but will you respect the data and stop, cold turkey?”

Windows Installation Recommendations

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These are the software recommendations I recommend and the order I suggest.

  1. Windows 7
    1. Alternate: Windows XP with SP3
  2. Windows XP: TightVNC
    1. Mirage Driver
  3. Enable Remote Access
  4. Windows XP: Internet Explorer 8
  5. Microsoft Security Essentials
  6. Firefox 3.5+
  7. Microsoft Office
    1. SR1
    2. SP3
    3. All other patches
    4. office 2007 compatibility
    5. office 2010 compatibility
  8. Paint Shop Pro
  9. Notepad++
  10. WinAmp 5
  11. IZarc
  12. Real Alternative
  13. Audacity
  14. Windows XP: Microsoft ClearType Tuning Control Panel Applet
  15. Windows XP: Microsoft TaskSwitch Powertoy
  16. OpenOffice
  17. PDFCreator
  18. UnxUtils

Online photo editors

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PIxlr – Photoshop-like replacement



Picnik – iPhoto level app

This one is less “scary” for users, as the interface is a bit more simple and intuitive