Gas Prices by Zip Code

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[ Gas Prices by Zip Code]


PHP Code Analysis

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  • *[ PHP-sat: PHP static analysis tool]
  • *[ Category:OWASP SWAAT Project]
  • *[ RATS – Rough Auditing Tool for Security]


PNG Images in IE6

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Transparency in PNG images is not supported in IE6 natively. Here are some work-arounds.

  • IE6 PNG Fix by Twin Helix — this is a very good fix, but there are a couple of gotchas.
    1. First, applying the behavior to all IMG and DIV tags results in some instability–lots of crashes and very slow load times.
    2. Second, there’s also a minor issue with relatively and absolutely positioned links that has a PNG background–a warning is shown that the link may not be accessible; I’ve found no instance where this is actually the case, so I have commented out the alert line in the .htc file.
    3. Third, applying the behavior to many elements results in IE6 hanging on initial page load. Waiting for 2+ minutes or refreshing the page usually results in the browser unfreezing.
  • IE behaviour
  • Christopher Schmitt’s method

Programming Articles

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Things to ask before you redo your website

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I don’t do any consulting, but that doesn’t stop people from asking me questions. The most common question people ask me when they want a new website is, “If you were in charge of this, who are the 2 or 3 people you’d want to be sure to talk to – to help think through the issues, help us figure out who should do the work, etc.?”
The second most common question people ask me, “In addition to Apple’s site, are there 2 or 3 that you think are really appealing and work well for their business?”
I think these are perhaps the tenth and eleventh questions you should ask, not the first two. Here’s my list of difficult and important questions you have to answer before you spend a nickel:
• What is the goal of the site?
• In other words, when it’s working great, what specific outcomes will occur?
• Who are we trying to please? If it’s the boss, what does she want? Is impressing a certain kind of person important? Which kind?
• How many people on your team have to be involved? At what level?
• Who are we trying to reach? Is it everyone? Our customers? A certain kind of prospect?
• What are the sites that this group has demonstrated they enjoy interacting with?
• Are we trying to close sales?
• Are we telling a story?
• Are we earning permission to follow up?
• Are we hoping that people will watch or learn?
• Do we need people to spread the word using various social media tools?
• Are we building a tribe of people who will use the site to connect with each other?
• Do people find the site via word of mouth? Are they looking to answer a specific question?
• Is there ongoing news and updates that need to be presented to people?
• Is the site part of a larger suite of places online where people can find out about us, or is this our one sign post?
• Is that information high in bandwidth or just little bits of data?
• Do we want people to call us?
• How many times a month would we like people to come by? For how long?
• Who needs to update this site? How often?
• How often can we afford to overhaul this site?
• Does showing up in the search engines matter? If so, for what terms? At what cost? Will we be willing to compromise any of the things above in order to achieve this goal?
• Will the site need to be universally accessible? Do issues of disability or language or browser come into it?
• How much money do we have to spend? How much time?
And finally,
• Does the organization understand that ‘everything’ is not an option?

Taken from Seth Godin’s blog

Restaurants I’d Like to Visit

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  • Frontera Grill – Rick Bayless’ restaurant in Chicago, IL. As seen on Top Chef Masters
  • Rutt’s Hut
    • Home of the deep-fried hot dogs
    • located in Clifton, New Jersey
  • ???
    • Home of the deep-fried hamburger
    • located in Memphis, TN
  • St. Elmo’s Steakhouse
    • located near Indianapolis, IN
  • Super Duper Weenie
    • Fairfield, CT

    The Cove (Guy Fieri)

    • located in San Antonio, TX

    Lynn’s Paradise Cafe

    • located in Louisville, KY
    • Known for their breakfast
    • featured on Throwdown

Sebring Camp Checklist

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Here’s the list of items that we need for Sebring Camp each year:

General List

  • fans
  • extension cords
  • power strip
  • towels
  • washclothes
  • work towels
  • bed sheets
  • Dogs
    • toys
    • food
    • water/food bowls
    • treats
    • flea collars
  • q-tips
  • cotton balls
  • soda
  • bug spray
  • sunblock

Josh’s List

  • Electronics
    • DVD player
    • RF Modulator
    • RCA cables
    • CATV cable
  • Computer equipment
    • Laptops
    • CAT5
    • WAP/Router
  • work clothes
  • bathroom stuff

Sunnie’s List

  • medicine
  • nail polish remover
  • bathroom stuff