Windows Installation Recommendations

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These are the software recommendations I recommend and the order I suggest.

  1. Windows 7
    1. Alternate: Windows XP with SP3
  2. Windows XP: TightVNC
    1. Mirage Driver
  3. Enable Remote Access
  4. Windows XP: Internet Explorer 8
  5. Microsoft Security Essentials
  6. Firefox 3.5+
  7. Microsoft Office
    1. SR1
    2. SP3
    3. All other patches
    4. office 2007 compatibility
    5. office 2010 compatibility
  8. Paint Shop Pro
  9. Notepad++
  10. WinAmp 5
  11. IZarc
  12. Real Alternative
  13. Audacity
  14. Windows XP: Microsoft ClearType Tuning Control Panel Applet
  15. Windows XP: Microsoft TaskSwitch Powertoy
  16. OpenOffice
  17. PDFCreator
  18. UnxUtils

Online photo editors

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PIxlr – Photoshop-like replacement


Picnik – iPhoto level app

This one is less “scary” for users, as the interface is a bit more simple and intuitive


text/application type is deprecated

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This was news to me–RFC4329 explicity declares text/javascript to be obsolete. Instead, application/javascript is to be used. The problem? Not all browsers support it yet.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • Firefox 3.5.4 – supported

Internet Explorer

  • IE 8 – NOT supported


  • Safari 4.0.3 – supported


  • Chrome 3.0 – supported

Determining if a method was called statically

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In PHP, it’s occasionally helpful to call a method sometimes statically and sometimes from class instance. Figuring out which way a method has been called is pretty straightforward, thanks to a function posted in the PHP documentation:

function foo () {
$isStatic = !(isset($this) && get_class($this) == __CLASS__);